Death Sound Mod

This is another one of those sweet mods that add new death voices to your game!


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This is another one of those sweet mods that add new death voices to your game!

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Hey all, wazaaaaaaaaaa!

Krunch here with another Hot off the Presses Krunch Mod!

  Tired of the boring Roc-in-Pain mod?  No offense, but it is getting rather old isnt it?  Well here for your listening pleasure is my All New One of a Kind Krunch-in-Pain sound mod!  This has been tried before by other people, trying to make a new Roc-in-Pain sound mod, but most people have had no luck.  Most of these types of mods will crash your server because of poor coding.  Well, i've beat the system!  I've found out how to make this mod work with ZERO crashing!  That's rite!  I've been running this sound mod now for about 4 weeks straight on my Dedicated High Speed clan server with absolutely NO problems whatsoever!  This mod works like a dream and adds new life to Spearhead!

 ALL NEW DEATH VOICES ADDED.  Nearly 90% of all the original Roc-in-Pain death sounds have been replaced with totally new and cool sounds!  Hear your player say things like "I think I wet myslef" when they die, or hear someone laughing in the background, or even "I got all the time in the world pal" or how about "Your parents would be proud!" when you die LMAO!!!  here's another funny one "Now that's the way to win a war!" lol.  I've got nothing but high reviews for this mod so far, satisfaction guaranteed!

Obviously, this mod cannot have a screenshot...  BUT feel free to test out this mod before you use it on my High Speed clan server !!!  IP :  Server name ={ToXic-Army}= Dedicated - HIGH SPEED!  Look for it in Gamespy.  This mod is guaranteed to Rock your Server!


Mod Master Krunch

NOTE: If you are using the "Roc-in-Pain" sound mod currently, you must remove it as well as any other type of death voices mod from your main and mainta folders for this mod to work correctly.  If you experience problems running this mod, check your main and mainta folders for other sound mods that may be referencing the "ubersound.scr" file and remove them.

Extract the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_Krunch-in-Pain-Mod_SH.pk3 file and place it in your c:\Program Files\EA Games\MOHAA\mainta folder.  This mod MUST go in the "mainta" folder.

Uninstall : Simply remove this file from your mainta folder.


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