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This is a remake of Crizz's origional map desertbase, set in the evening and in the middle of a small sandstorm. The map was well made to b...


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This is a remake of Crizz's origional map desertbase, set in the evening and in the middle of a small sandstorm. The map was well made to begin with and is even better now!

The map is set in an Axis base in the desert, and is a Objective based map, with the allies having to invade the Axis base and destroy two 80mm guns. The Axis have a bit of an easy time of it though, on an unorganised public server, the base is too easy to defend, with machine gun posts and sniper points dotting the axis base.

The map has lots of details, with destroyed bildings, underground passageways and lots of indoor and outdoor locations to fight in. The axis base is full of propoganda and theres a mine field to stop people straying out of the map. The map has a few interactives (doors and alarms) and some good ambient sounds.

All in all a well designed map which will be tons of fun to play!

Reviewed by Sheepdemon


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Download '' (2.97MB)

	*** DESERT BASE  – Sandstorm ***

Architecture and Scripting by Crizz
Testing by Team HiFi


Put the User–objDesertBase_Sand.pk3 file into the main folder of your MOH-directory.
To play the map without respawning  put the User–objDesertBase_Sand_NR.pk3 file into the main folder, too!!
For the additional sounds put the User-z.pk3 file (created with Uberfix 2.1 by Wombat) or any other modified Ubersound file that enables all sounds into the main folder! I hope you can get rid of this file after EA´s add-on! 

This map is a totally rebuilt version of my first MOH map “Desert Base” with day/sandstorm weather condition.

New Features and Improvements:

+ slightly smaller area and some relocated structures
+ removed the ladder and roof access from the small MG-bunker 
+ added trucks, bushes, trees and stones for cover 
+ the 88mm guns are each placed on top of a small sand hill 
+ added 2 pulled down houses with rubble for more cover
+ added 2 trenches and one extra tunnelsystem connecting the base with one trench.
+ added detail (scanned pictures including ROMMEL and more indoor obstacles)
+ added some indoor walls for more close combat and performance boost.
+ 2 different explosion sounds and enhanced barbwire explosion 
+ added 4 "houses" and a "mosque" for a better village-look!
+ the Tiger tank is clipped now
+ raised the sky, so grenades don´t vanish anymore
+ added positional ambient sounds! The 2 radios in the base have different radio sounds and the 2 machines for the vent-system make some noise!
+ added an alarm siren which can be turned on by 4 animated switches
+ the MainGate can only be activated by animated switches from inside the base or from the eastern MG-bunker
+ the MainGate is thicker, has a new sound (elevator_run sound), moves much slower and crushes (kills) a player if he gets between the moving doors 
+ most important: better framerates

Thanks to EA and 2015 for publishing MOH:AA! Thanks to the fan sites supporting the game and my mods. Thanks to for the MapAssault2002! Visit or (Austrian site)

Special Shoutouts to DarkStar and the members of Team HiFi for giving me usefull hints and testing all my beta releases for this Final version! 

Finally I want to thank my girlfriend for her love and patience during the last weeks!!

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