Deutscher Angriff - German Side SP MOD


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MOHI-KAN's German side singleplayer Mod "Deutscher Angriff"
Version : 0.1
Release Date : 10-05-2008

Made By : MOHI-KAN
Contact :
Email: [email protected]
Language : Japanese


This Mod changes the single player mode to be from the German side.
This Mod can be used even in other singleplayer custom maps.

Place the .pk3 file into the "main" folder in Medal of Honor Allied Assault.
To remove the MOD, just delete the .pk3 file.


* Disclaimer
If you want to make new Mod by using Deutscher Angriff, Please put my name in credit.


Enjoy! Tanoshindekudasai!


* Japanese -> English Translation Website

* Medal of Honor Information @ MOH Matome WIKI (Only Japanese)

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