Downed RAF Pilot

Cool skin. Same as this one except that it is for the axis.


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I got the inspiration for this skin from a comic book i read, about an RAF 
Pilot being shot down over Occupied France, and joining up with the 
resistance, and i thought this may be what a beaten up RAF Pilot would look 
like. Having obviously lost his Jacket and Hat, he is in quite a poor state 
indeed. to Install this file, simply place the .pk3 in your MOHAA/main 
folder, and everything should be fine.
This skin works with both AA and SH, and depending on which file you 
downloaded, could either be Allied or German.
Enjoy, and remember: YOUR Courage, YOUR Resolve, YOUR Sacrifice WILL BRING 
-Captain Wilkins

P.S. - if you want to get the original RAF Pilot, it can be found at

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