DV8R's SHRealism



Looks to be another excellent realism mod for Spearhead. This one is comparible to CKR in quality. Read below for more information.



Spearhead the way its suppose to be played! YA YA whats the big deal
about another Spearhead Realism....Well seeing there was a lack of a
realism mod for Spearhead that was actually comparable to CKR 1.1 with a
few improved differences I figured I would make one that would lead the
way and set the standard in Spearhead Realism gaming and Ladders such as
the OGL just as Crow King brought us the famous CKR 1.1. I'm not going
to go into details but all I can say is that this is the best overall
realistic weapons mod out there so put it up and see for yourself. This
is the CKR for spearhead. I would like to thank Crow King for the
original coding of the weapons carried over from Allied Assault although
some values had to be adjusted to fit the pace of spearhead. All other
weapons have been set to values to fit the CKR type environment coded by
myself and. A brief description is below >>
Adjusted fire rates on some weapons
Balanced smoke bombs for most characters
Adjusted some ammo counts and clip sizes to accurate values
Adjusted bullet damage for all weapons to accurate values
Adjusted run speeds to realistic values
Adjusted range and accuracy for some weapons to realistic values
Adjusted Damage and blast radius for grenades and Kar98 mortar rifle
Adjusted travel rate of the bazooka and panzer.
Anyone coming from Allied Assault that was a CKR realism player will
love this mod and feel right at home.
If you use this mod and would like to see more people using it and
possibly having the OGL Ladder Tournaments adapt it for Realism matches
please add "Running DV8R's SHRealism 2.0" to any in game messages you
may be running. Also to your server description so players know your
server is one of the best on the net. Thanks to everyone that assisted
in the testing and configuring of the weapons.

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