Dylans BT/SH RealWar Mod

Tired of "realism" mods that change clip sizes past real limits and call it real? RealWar is a total conversion mod for MoH:BT and SH (idk...


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Tired of "realism" mods that change clip sizes past real limits and call it real? RealWar is a total conversion mod for MoH:BT and SH (idk if it works) that changes all weapon damages, ammo levels to real standards. Now, a M1 will kill in one hit when in te upper chest. Pistols are actually useful. Machinegewehr 42s have the real rate of fire, devastating! Skins are changed to look more real! Bolt rifles are actually useful! And much more!

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Download 'dylansshbtrealwar.zip' (7.01MB)

Dylans SH/BT RealWar Mod v.1

Legal Crap:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
dont use my work w/o my permission blah blah blah
i give credit to all the skinners that made the skinns
credit to quiksilver for the aiming mod

Put in c/program files/ea games/mohaa/maintt
mainta for spearhead

All weapon damages upped so a few shots kills.
upped all ammo
vickers changed to bren
real waepon names
tommy clip down to 20
ppsh mag upped to 71 rounds
more grenades (info below)
4 Frag
4 Smoke

4 frag
2 smoke

Heavy Guns
2 frag
1 smoke

2 frags
5 smokes

special guns/mines
left alone

some neeeww sounds
all support weapons have higher fire rates to supperess with, lower accuracy
mg42 fire rate upped
mobile mg fire rate upped, mag upped to 75
mobile mgs respawn, idk if this is good or bad b/c i thought it would suck if the teams noob hid
the only mg in a corner and blew him self up b/c he thought he could throw nades through walls, and loat the teams MG.
less scope drift while aiming.
(i think) all people with special weapons (rockets/mines) have extra pistol ammo
all AT weapons do more damage, realy useful in SP
all damages the same on R.Mode and regular
all sniper rifles wont always likk in one hit now (a leg shot will leave you with >5 HP)
mobile 42s make you walk extremely slow, a better target to even out the respawning MG thing
M1 is reloadable in mid clip

Stuff To Add:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
personal med kits for every class (restore 10 HP)
increase range of grenatwerfer so its actually useful

Be ready for higher weapon damages, and higher accuracy. be ready to be able to pwn with a p38

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