Ebynators Breakthrough Rifle Only

This is a Rifles only mod for Breakthrough


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This is a Rifles only mod for Breakthrough

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Download 'btriflesonly.zip' (94KB)


Place the PK3 in your server side maintt folder.

I haven't seen a server side rifles only mod available for BT on the site, so i figured i'd do one. 

All the rifles are modded to act the same way. All of them are set to one shot, one kill NO MATTER WHERE it hits. You could get shot in the foot and still die. The shotty is also modded this way. It fires the exact same way as a rifle.

I run this mod on my custom maps server with the MG's, SMG's etc etc all disabled. However, if you like to just f around with the people that want to try using those I modded them as well. 

The auto's are given 230 rounds to start off with, but the bullets do absolutely no damage whatsoever. And the person holding it will not be able to move at all. However, they are given a pistol (bashing power is set to 0!) with no ammo.

Go easy on me guys, this is only my second released mod. ;)

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