=ESD= Elite Sniper Division mod pack

This is the =ESD= clan mod , look at the screenshots :)


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This is the =ESD= clan mod , look at the screenshots :)

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Download 'esd.zip' (1.53MB)

Finnally after more than 15 clans asking me for these custom clan mods i am finally releasing them on MOHfiles for all you guys to have. This is the custom =ESD= Elite Sniper Division mod pack. Created By Co-Leader dR.3viL?

Included is:

Our custom Menu Cursor

user-ESD SWAT MouseCursor

The custom hud we use ( i am pretty sure parts from others hud may have been used , if so i give full credit to them)


This is our Clan Springfield Sniper and Scope wanted by many


Our Clan Allied =ESD= Swat Skins ( on allies as american_red and Allied_assault)

user-Elite SWAT Player Skins

You should be able to use these by just placing them in ur mohaa/mainta folder. I have tested a few of these with aa and they work so if you would like to use them for aa then just drop them in ur moha/main

The files are all split up so if u dont like one then u dont need to use it.

Hope you enjoy. I know many clans out there have been waiting a while for these custom skins. If you have any questions regarding the skins or our clan just hit us up at www.elitesniperdiv.com or contact me.


aim : SIRAsoldier

email : david.causa@gmail.com

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