Famas Thompson 1946

A heavily modified "what might have been" thompson.



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A heavily modified "what might have been" thompson.


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Download 'leon_-_famas_thompson_1946.zip' (411KB)

Here is a heavily modified modern looking "what might have been" Thompson made by FAMAS [Fusil Automatique Manufacture d'Armes de St. Etienne / Automatic Rifle St. Etienne Arms Manufacturer]. Fire rate and damage is very high and bullet spread is very suitable for PINPOINT HITS, also this gun has low recoil. Muzzlefire is a rotating star pattern which you did not see in any Mohaa weapon in past like this. Shooting sound is different and empty shell case sounds included.Empty shell cases goes very far and changes direction with direction. It has zero muzzle smoke. Shell case eject smoke disappears very fast.

Install: copy .pk3 file under Mohaa/main folder./ Uninstall: delete file.

Leon  /  leonmohaa@hotmail.com

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[Do not distribute my files without written permission.]

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