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This is a fansite kit released by EA. Discuss this file here


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This is a fansite kit released by EA.

Discuss this file here

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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 
Fansite Kit
Copyright 2001, Electronic Arts, Inc.

Release Date: 12/13/01


Thanks for downloading the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 
Fan Site Kit.  By downloading the included 
materials, you've agreed to promote Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 
from your web site and to have fun in the process.

Please be sure to check 
often for additional information and resources 
that will be made available to enhance your 
MOHAA fan site.  

Enjoy the included materials and please remember 
the following:
1) You may not alter any of EA's trademarks, 
   logos or alter or remove any of the trademark 
   or copyright notices included in the Materials.
2) You expressly agree that the use of the 
   Materials is at your sole risk.
3) The materials provided are on an "as is," or 
   an "as available" basis.
4) EA may terminate this license at any time.

We hope you enjoy this fan site kit and look 
forward to seeing you online.  

-The MOHAA Team


Please refer to the accompanying document 
"Fansites.License.doc" for details.


We have found a number of website providers that will give you a free webpage so that you can make your own MOH fan website.  While we don't recommend one over another (there are so many), here are some of the largest ones...


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