This mod adds Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory-style fire support to MoHAA! :) Just aim somewhere with your binoculars and click fire or...


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This mod adds Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory-style fire support to MoHAA! :) Just aim somewhere with your binoculars and click fire or throw a smoke grenade (Steilhandgranate)...

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File            : Fire-For-Effect!

Author          : Rookie One

Version         : 0.8

Release Date    : 02.04.2005

Description     :

This mod adds Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory-style fire support to MoHAA! :) Just aim somewhere with your binoculars and click fire or throw a smoke grenade (Steilhandgranate)... and find some good cover! :P


This modification uses a custom DMprecache.scr script and a custom torso state file. If you're using any other modification that does so too (for instance DMz DogTag, Snake's Server Patch or AntiCamper {sfx}), you will need to alter these files in order to make them both work at the same time. This is ***ESSENTIAL*** for the mod to work properly.

I put a lot of work and effort to make this modification as 'light-weight' for the server as possible, nevertheless, I cannot guarantee it will not cause a server crash. The default settings are optimal. A test server stood a stress-testing session lasting 48 hours with an average of 16 players fighting without a crash or noticeable performance drop, therefore there is a big chance you will not experience any problems as long as you do not make radical changes to the mod configuration.

One more thing - in response to a few e-mails I received, this modification is intended to work with Medal of Honor Allied Assault ***only***, it ***will not*** work with the Spearhead and Breakthrough expansion packs.


You have been warned. I do not take any responsibility for the effects of installing the mod on your server.

From this version there is no need to modify the map scripts unless the map has a non-cubic skybox or it doesn't cover the whole map (e.g. stock Algiers or V2 Rocket Facility) - in these cases you will need a preset script for it. Read the tutorial.txt file to learn how to do it.

The mod settings are read from the ffe_settings.txt file. It is ***ESSENTIAL*** that this file is in the MoHAA/main directory! A Polish version of the file is also included - ffe_settings.pol. Rename it to ffe_settings.txt to have all the messages printed in Polish (well, I guess it's not going to be very useful for you if you're reading this readme :D).

Installation    :

Just put the .pk3 file AND the configuration file (ffe_settings.txt) into your MoHAA/main directory. You can edit this file to change mod settings.

Version history :


 o fixed a bug that would make the instructions not appear until a map restart (thanks to SuperTank.17 for pointing this out),

 o fixed a bug in the xzones tracing method that wouldn't let calling fire support anywhere (again thanks to SuperTank.17 for pointing this out),

 o optimized the zones tracing method to reduce server load,

 o a custom state file is used now to detect binoculars clicks - the map scripts don't need to be modified anymore,

 o added a few z's to the name of the .pk3 to make sure FFE replaces Stielhandgranaten as people would often complain that smoke grenades don't,

 o as the 3-explosion airstrike didn't go very well with ET, you can now choose between a 6-explosion and a 3-explosion airstrike via the configuration file - set it to your liking,

 o fixed a bug of airstrike explosions appearing at ( 0 0 0 ) if they were supposed to go out of bounds - now they just don't appear at all,

 o removed the console shutdown feature as it didn't work very well,

 o code reorganisation.


 o reduced the explosion knockback multiplier as bodies were flying everywhere around the map, :P

 o fixed a preset loading routine bug that would cause the mapname to be read as "getcvar",

 o there are now 3 explosions in an airstrike instead of 6, but they are HUGE, :) which conpensates well for the small number; matches WolfET better; also improves performance,

 o artillery marker won't kill you now - it deals a random damage from 15 to 25; matches WolfET better,

 o improved damage dealing routine for better performance.


 o unused code removed,

 o improved player handling - the previous version, in extreme conditions, could crash the server at times if lots of players left their teams while spectating or dead,

 o map preset is now case insensitive, so it will work if the mapname cvar is not lower case,

 o pain indicator now works fine when killed by an explosion,


 o fixed a power timer bug that allowed instant power after calling an airstrike,

 o gave up on trying to simulate a weaker grenade explosion... :(


A long list of bugfixes and changes this time:

 o a distance check is performed before sighttracing from an explosion to player to save server system resources,

 o fixed the unlimited number of airstrikes bug,

 o most of the script_origins are now not broadcasted to the clients to save bandwidth,

 o fire effect removed from the explosions, as they caused huge FPS drops and lag,

 o reduced the number of smoke entities spawned - they'd had eaten bandwidth,

 o you can now shut the script down using the ffe_shutdown cvar,

 o Axis players won't be left with 1 grenade against Allies' 6 (or 3, if realism is installed) on non-FFE-enabled maps,

 o fixed a bug that printed NIL to player when he threw a smoke grenade and went spectating immediately,

 o changed the "insufficent fire support" message for air support to "too many airstrikes requested",

 o improved handling of the grenade projectiles,

 o a new, neat instructions message. :)


Lots of changes, I don't remember most of them. :P What I do remember: fixed the zones and xzones methods bugs, enlarged the distance between airstrike explosions.


Added airstrike calling by smoke grenades (thanks to Elgan for the suggestion to use parm.owner!), changed fire mission timer system.


First version.

Contact         :

Email           :

ICQ/AIM         : 146098049

MSN/Windows Msg :

Jabber          :


This mod may not be edited without my permission.

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