First Infantry skin conversion

changes all MP AA skins into the First Infantry.


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File Description
This skin pack converts all British and American skins to

be skins of the American First Infantry (with dirty uniforms). For 

example, instead of seeing a British airborne captain there and a 

101st Soldier here, you see skins of the U.S. First Infantry.


	-2 Medics, one with rolled up sleeve and bloody hands
	-2 engineers, with different helmets
	-2 black dudes
	-2 captains, one with a fingerless glove and FPS view
	-The rest are enlisted men or NCO's


	Place the user-skin_America's_First_Infantry.pk3 file into

your main for Allied Assult ONLY. The conversion will only work on the

original allied assault skins. To install into Spearhead, simply put the

.pk3 file into your mainta folder for the full skin conversion mod.


	To uninstall this skin pack just delete the .pk3 file from

either your main or mainta folders.


bloody medic hands - OldManFunk

leg knife model & skin - Krzystof

shovel on behind - Krzystof

dagger on belt and skin - Krzystof

chest grenade and skin - Krzystof

pouch thing on right shoulder - Unknown

All other skins made by me :)

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