FlakRider's Balanced Weapons

Read below for information. This is for Spearhead only.


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Read below for information. This is for Spearhead only.

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Alright here we go on a description of this mod.The major changes to this from other mods are as follows.

1.all rifles have 175 rounds total and feature semi automatic it may not be realistic but its balanced because allies and axis both have semi rifles which feature 10 round clips.

2.Bar and stg 44 have exact same fire rate with 30 round clips and 300 rounds total.

3.All smg's have 300 rounds same fire rate for both sides.

4.rockets are disabled with 0 ammo and the axis nade launcher is left alone with same fire rate and damage as originally in game.

5.shotty has slight increase in power with 5 rounds in gun and 55 rounds total.

6.hand guns have all been increased to 100 rounds total with no increase in power.

7.Sniper rifles feature 100 roundds 10 in clip and slight increase in power but upper body shot is needed for kill.

Now as for damage and fire rate in all weapons here goes .the rifles have same damage,fire rate etc.the smgs are all balanced and have the same damage and also this applies for the bar and stg.Snipers have same damage and fire rate also.Reloads are not touched so for the rifles the reload on the enfield is a little longer because it loads two clips to give it ten.In my final words no matter what smg, rifle , handgun , machine gun etc. the damage is all the same and fire rate also no matter whether you pick Russian,American,British or German.hence the Balanced weapons Mod.this mod is used on my clan server and if you would like to check it out heres the i.p its called www.themightyfighting116th.com. Caution this is server side and please remove any other weapons mod you have.Oh and p.s all weapons have recoil lol!!!And yes damage is realistic because 1 0r 2 shots to upper body you are dead.I hope you all enjoy this mod and thx for all your support flakrider@hotmail.com

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