Fullauto M1 Garand

This mod makes the M1 Garand shoot fullauto.


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This mod makes the M1 Garand shoot fullauto.

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Fullauto m1_garand 1.0
Created by Gen.Rockwell
Still have a few bugs to work out
Should make the M1_Garand fullauto only major bug is when you select the m1 and go to battle you don’t start out with the it you have to select it from the list
It does not show the ammo count but you should have over 2000
Only been tested on "Breakthrough"

Just place Pk3 in your maintt folder.
I’ve seen mods like this before but non seemed to work so I made my own.
Don’t copy this mod and place your name on it, I don’t mind if someone gets it and improves on
it any just give me credit for the original

Gen. Rockwell.  

[email protected]

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