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This is the first version of the Genuine Experience Mod. This mods gives players the most realistic FX yet without horrible lag (the testers...


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This is the first version of the Genuine Experience Mod. This mods gives players the most realistic FX yet without horrible lag (the testers haven't reported any). And also impressively realistic and detailed HD impact sounds. And new bullet Impact textures.

Check out the screens and give it a try and experience the war in MoHAA like it should be!!

Check the readme for more info!

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Download '' (17MB)

///////Genuine Experience Mod//////////

The Genuine Experience Mod was made to give the player the most realistic experience of war.
The war can be cruel but also extremely spectacular. This mods includes realistic FX, realitically detailed
and HD impact sounds and impressive impact textures. You might say this is massive but please do not
underestimate the destructive power of 1 bullet, let alone a grenade. Don't let hollywood blockbusters
cloud your view on this! 

-My custom realistic FX for Dirt, Stone, Glass, Grass, Players, Metal, Mud, Water and Wood.

-My custom realistic FX for Bazooka and Grenade explosions(stone, base, grass, gravel, sand, water, snow...)

-Realistic, detailed HD Sounds for grenade explosions, character footsteps, other explosions and bullet impact sounds, I assembled from other games and sites of people collecting/exhibiting these sounds...

Bulletholes for Stone, Wood, Glass, Mud, Metal and Plaster.

I made my FX also to match/"interact" with the detailed sounds. 
Now you can hear clearly that some tried to shoot you when passing...say a brick wall, 
you'll hear stone chips being ripped out of the brick wall because of the bullet's impact and
the FX will make it visual because stone chips will be ripped out the wall after the dust impact.

I can give a lot more examples but I'll let you try it first!

The FX, sounds and textures are seperate so you can choose which one you like!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>Important Notes<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Turn on Volumentric smoke to experience this mod completely! Especially the Sand Impact FX,
they can only be experienced fully with volumentric smoke.

Having trouble making the mod work?
Want to report feedback or even bugs?
Want to ask me anything?

Then E-mail me: [email protected]
Or catch me on the forums
or on my own site's forums:

credit: chalkpit for use of some sounds used in this mod .

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