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Here is a Multiplayer Gameplay Map Pack from TanK Productions

The idea of these MP Maps are according to the author "To give servers a n...


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Here is a Multiplayer Gameplay Map Pack from TanK Productions

The idea of these MP Maps are according to the author "To give servers a new edge, hosting Fast past RBM levels with a high level of fun".

The zipfile contains a pk3 file which has 5 maps included, they are Bottle, Box, Destruct, Fallout and Crawlspace.

Read the read-me for the full info, look forward to see much more from this author.

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Download '' (3.29MB)

-----------A TanK Production-------------

Artist: TanK
Creation time: A long time
Name: *(Multiplayer Gameplay Map Pack)*
Purpose: To give servers a new edge, hosting Fast past RBM levels with a high level of fun.
Maps Included +descriptions:


Bottle version A and B
This was done to switch the sides of the spawn points.
I give <SNK>Wired Credit for this idea.
A very fast paced hardcore Fav of all lan partys it has been introduced to.
The first level ive ever made using Krater Mapping.


This level involves tunneling your way to your opponents through destructable boxes.
Very fun, I reccomend using shotgun for this level.
Also another lan party favorite.


Also includes version A and B for team swap sides.
This one is perhaps a mix of bottle and Box.
The floors in the middle section can be destroyed and so can the walls surrounding the middle
this can lead to actual strategy in what walls to destroy first or if any at all.


This was certainly an interesting concept and we've had alot fun with this one.
The floors can be blown out with successive firing. Grenades do the trick as well.
lots of fun seeing your friends fall to their untimely death!


This level takes ducking to a whole new level as that is what you will be doing most of the time.
The grafics were also a main focus and as you will see, they are pretty :D.

Very simply Put GPlay_maps.PK3 into your &quot;Main&quot; directory under mohaa
For instance


Then load up your game and they will appear in the maps list.

-------Legal Info-------------------------

As long as you keep this Readme in the main file without extracting any files or editing the readme, 
I dont care how its distributed. I certainly encourage sending this to everyone who plays MOHAA. 
Just dont change anything.

-----------*Last Notes*-----------------
All of these levels are meant to be played in Round based match. However if your feeling like something new, try Team Match.
However i wouldnt reccomend team match for fallout because its impossible to kill enemys if there are no floors left. 
Round based match resets all destructables each round.

I hope you enjoiy these levels as much as we did. If you have any thoughts or questions, I would like to hear from you!
If you find any bugs, I would like to know about it.

AIM: ncgctank

TanK you very much!

----Brief Bio----

	My Name is TanK. I was born in Idiana somewhere. I've been a level designer since I was 9, 
building levels for dukenukem using the &quot;build&quot; editor. Then I moved on to quake2 and converted many 
Micromachines military bases into multiplayer levels. I even made my own mod for Quake2 when I was 13 
that completly changed the models of all the weapons to look more organic. I made my own level for the Mod, 
and it had many custom textures. The premiss was; your ship had crashed on some remote planet and you had to call for a dropship
before you were overrun by strogg. So you would make your way to an abandoned bunker and hold out against waves of strogg whilst performing repair tasks.
 There was teleporter deep in the catacombs of the installation that would take you to the comms 
base where you could call for help. So you would find yourself running all over the base doing various repair tasks while the strogg tried to kill you. 
 It was lots of fun! Ive since lost all of my old projects but the knowledge of video game creation still resides in me to this day.
	Now my life's aspiration and Goal has become to not only become a Game designer, 
But to revolutionize the market. I want to Make a huge impact in what we see as being good video games. These maps for Mohaa are in fact, Fairly old. 
I only recently decided to post them up and get my portfolio started. 

I hope you like what you see, you will probably hear more from me soon.

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