HB Crossover

A fairly large, high quality map with many building to snipe out of, and a river running through the middle.

I recently played the map H...


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A fairly large, high quality map with many building to snipe out of, and a river running through the middle.

I recently played the map HB Crossover, and I have to say my feelings for this map are a bit mixed. This is a well-done map. The textures are beautiful and it's easy to get into. The details are wonderful; I like the downed Sherman tank near the church and the moving water. The ruined buildings are a nice view, not looking almost totally destroyed but just enough it gives some sense of war. For the texture I give an 8. This map has a lot of potential it would make a nice death match like the Stalingrad map that the game came with and it's a nice snipe map. However I suggest if your going to snipe try going into a server that is mainly sniping. Almost anywhere can another enemy show up behind you and kill you from behind. However there are lots of hiding places to snipe from so it's a bit harder for that to happen. For fun factor I give a 9. The quality of this map is stupendous. Not much to say here. Only thing I can think of is you would think that it came with the game itself. I give it a 10 on quality.

Item placement wasn't bad. However the only problem with it is its somewhat crowded in areas with clutter, making it a good place to hide from a sniper but bad in a firefight when you don't know the enemy is right behind you. But this can also create an element of surprise. So I give the item placement an 8

For creativity I give it a 7. Now while it's a nicely designed map. A lot of maps are like this. You have a small town, a river and sniper areas. That's it I've seen more than 7+ of these kinds. However the quality makes up for the creativity.

The balance of this map is good. However there are not enough spawn points. While its not good to have people spawn everywhere, it has that feeling that 2 or more campers at each spawn can do much damage. This mainly focuses on if you are playing in a team game. I give the balance an 8.5

The tech of this map is also good, not great but good. If you use the zoom on a sniper rifle you can notice some of the lines on the roof that show where one part stops and the other starts. Another problem is slow down. You know as if in a game you slow down a bit when turning, which is a really problem in a firefight. I give the tech another 8.5

For size and usefulness I give a 9. It's a good size in a death match for both the beginner and the pro. However it might be wise that if you snipe you need some experience. It would be good for clan practices or public servers. This is a good map.

Reviewed by Aar1012

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