Knife Combat Mod

Finally lets you use knives in AA


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Finally lets you use knives in AA

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File            : Knife Combat
Author          : Rookie One
Version         : 0.1
Release Date    : 29.08.2003

Description     :
This mod replaces pistols with bayonets. Instead the Colt 45 you've got US M1905 bayonet, and the Mauser bayonet replaces Walther P38. Left mouse button (primary attack) - left cut, right mouse button (secondary attack) - right cut.
Mauser bayonet model, texture and weapon setup by myself :) .
M1905 bayonet model originally appears in MoHAA (US haversack model - models/gear/Us/haversack.skd), model modification, texture and weapon setup by myself, too :D .

Installation    :
Just put the .pk3 file into your MoHAA/main directory. Make sure that you don't have any other pistol replacement mods. But if you do, add some Zs to the filename before the word 'user' (e.g. zzzzzzuser-Rookie_One_Knife-Combat.pk3) to make it appear as the last file in MoHAA\main directory.

Version history :
First version.

Contact         :
Email           :
ICQ             : 146098049
YIM             : rookie_one26
MSN/Windows Msg :


This mod may not be edited without my permission. 

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