LA Bank Robber

A recreation of the bank robbers that shot up LA with AK 47's (true story)


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A recreation of the bank robbers that shot up LA with AK 47's (true story)

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L.A Bank Robber (((Gen.Swat Sek)))

This skins is of the L.A Bank Robbery on  03/38/97 in nourth Hollywood.

(((((Real Event))))) The streets of Los Angeles were literally turned 
into a war zone on Friday morning. Bandits who botched a bank robbery 
turned their automatic weapons on police, bystanders and even 
television helicopters. 
Two robbers were killed and at least 17 people were wounded and 
injured in what may become one of the fierciest shootouts in 
U.S. history. The entire gunbattle was televised from 
start-to-finish on Los Angeles television.

Installation:  Unzip folder into you "A GAMES/MOHAA/Main" folder, join a game and select it from the menu. If you want to see the skin simply use the 'force models' option, or get some of you friends to download and use it.
Removal: Go  into GAMES/MOHAA/Main find the Pk3 and just Delete


Any questions,comment, or ideals please contact me
i allways take Ex time on the pics i hope you like them

Gen.Swat Sek =
Old Name Gen.Swat1944

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((MUST READ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Copyright 2003. If you wish to use anything contained within this file, please ask first. Thanks.

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