This is a DMtype FunMap for about 4-8 people.


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This is a DMtype FunMap for about 4-8 people.

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Map for MOH: Allied Assault

Mapped by Brian_himself

This is a DMtype FunMap for about 4-8 people 
(forgot the number of spwanpoints i set) for 
instant action without any historical background

To install the map, open up the zip file ( that you have
already managed if you are reading this ) put the file
landhaus2_beta.pk3 into your <MOHAA>/main
directory. That's it! Go play!

THX to 

Dr.ZOIdbERG for his awesome skyboxtexture from cubensis 
(hopefully, he didnt steal it from someone else either) 

 to the guy who mapped MountainVillageBeta 
(would have been able to make my own garage, but i was too lazy)
and to Richard Andersson for his readme-file
(boy, thats lazy)

Feel free to change the things you dont like and have a good time

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