Lead Peddlers Reality



Ok a quick runthru of what you will get with this, reality game play not so-called realism game play. what you get is this every weapon in the game has been "watered down" by ea games. this on the other hand is the complete opposite of that. i spent close to 3 months scouring the web books and anyplace i could thionk of to get a complete description of each of them. fireing rates, spread patterns,hick,accuracy, oh and lets not forget the most important part....the damage of each bullet, the clips have been expanded to a few of the guns so they will equal some of the other guns.and so you dont come to me saying that i went crazy on em and they are way out of control, yes they are they were desighned to be instruments of death. i didnt make em i just made the game files mimick the actual weapons.keep in mind they may fire faster than the "stock" guns but they have realistic recoil and kickback to be aware of. If you want reality not "realism" this is what you need.

Go check it out and see what you think ;)

Enjoy :D



unzip to your servers mainta folder, after removing any other realism/weapons mod there. 
restart the server and enjoy or die like the men who fought and died in the real war for our freedom.

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