Lynx's Urban Camo Thompson



Here Is A Simple Urban Camo Thompson This Works On Both Spearhead And Breakthrough This Is Simple I Made This As A Test For My Modding To See If I Still Remeberd How To Mod (Turns Out I Do) But When I Tested It In The Game It Was Brilliant! SO I Decided To Publish!

P.S Just A Little Reminder I Am Starting To Make Mods Again!



>>>>MOD: Urban Camo Thompson V 1.0<<<<
>>>>Created By: 1lynx1 (-SD-Lynx-CL-)<<<<

>>>>Time Spent On The Mod: 1 Hour Or So.<<<<

This Is A Simple Urban Camo Skin For The Thompson This Was Just A 
Tester At The Start To See If I Stll Remeberd How To Make Mods But When I Put 
It Into The Game It Looked Amazeing! So I Decided To Publish It I Like It 
Overall Also Looks Pretty Sweet Ingame! You Should Definatly Have It!

to install simpley download from filefront put into ure mainta/tt
then extract the pk3 file delete this read me and picture 
(if you dont want theese)
to delete this file just go into your mainta/tt
delete the pk3 and zip and if u still have pic and read me 
delete them to!

>>>>Terms Of Use:
You Can Keep It Forever If You Want It Is Also Free But..
If You Get Banned Or Kicked From Any Sever For Useing this skin
i will not be held responsible so blame yourself!


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