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System Requirements The following items are required to run a Medal Of Honor Airborne dedicate...


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System Requirements The following items are required to run a Medal Of Honor Airborne dedicated server: 1. A broadband Internet connection or LAN connection. 2. A system that meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements for the game (no graphics card required). 3. The game successfully installed on the target computer.

Uploading Server to Another Machine 1. Make sure you have the game, patch and dedicated server installed on local machine 2. Upload everything in your Program Files/Electronic Arts/Medal of Honor Airborne directory to anywhere on target machine. 3. Copy Microsoft Visual Studio libraries installer (Redistributable/vcredist_x86.exe on your MOHA DVD) to the target machine and install it. 4. Locate and run DSLauncher.exe from UnrealEngine/Binaries folder.

Setup Options for Admins - Game Name - Game Type - Welcome Message - Private Game setup - Rounds (Best of…) - Round Time Limit - Max Players - Punkbuster - Friendly Fire – On/Off - Sniper Tracers – On/Off - Weapon Upgrades – All On/All Off - Disable Auto Rifle Class - Disable Rifle Class - Disable SMG Class - Disable Sniper Rifle Class - Disable Rocket Class - Enable Ammo Drop - Enable Health Drop - Enable Weapon Drop - Enable Voice Commands - Spawning Invincibility Time - Pre-Spawn Delay for Axis, Allies, Non-Airborne games - Post Spawn Delay for Axis, Allies, Non-Airborne games - Show Compass - Show Crosshairs - Show Enemy Compass Dots - Show Enemy Names - Show Friendly Compass Dots - Show Friendly Names - Show Grenade Indicators - Show Health Bar - Show Hit Indicators - Show HUD - Show Score and Time - Show Stance Indicator - Show Text - Show Who Killed Me - Time to Show Who Killed Me - Wait Time Between Rounds - Wait Time Between Matches - Map Rotation Setup

For additional information, please see the ReadMe file after installing.

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