Medal of Honor:Dead Zone

mohdeadzone.zip —


what's included:The Mod;Music files;Readme.Here's the changelog:Fixed:Fixed sounds to work correctly(since last NZ version the soundsdidn't work);Fixed German Bots bug,when you play the mod and then play botsand they turn into zombies;Fixed Some bugs in the limbs;Another Minor Fixes.Changed:Changed the blood gore;Changed the headshot sound with one from CS;Changed the wave.scr(now zombies spawn according the wave sound)(by Soares93)Replaced walking zombies with new running animationYou now have 20 waves on each map;Added:Added 2 new zombie skins:Wehrmact Soldier ZombieAxis Virus Zombie;Player skins:Der Riese Zombie skin(for the player,soon and for the zombies)Mohdm2 is now infected;Added Annihilation Music.Hope you like the mod,more in the next version!Credits to soldierbg and Soares93.Place the music files in main/sound/music.How to install:Extract the .pk3 file in your main folder.Uninstall:Remove the files.


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