Military Police

Two military police skins, a normal uniform and field uniform.


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Two military police skins, a normal uniform and field uniform.

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File            : Military Police Skin
Author          : Rookie One
Version         : 0.3
Release Date    : 05.06.2003

Description     :
Two Military Police skins. I saw two MP uniforms in 'Dirty Dozen: The Next Mission' and I thought it will be fun to play as an MP. 

Installation    :
Just put the .pk3 file into your MoHAA/main directory. To play with the new skin, just go to Multiplayer options and set the skin (american_military_police and american_military_police_field).

Version history :
The skins were completely rebuilt. I have reworked everything from the beginning except the pants and holsters. Fixed the problem with not showing full MP letters on the helmets and remade an armband for the normal uniform. Also removed the braces (MPs didn't wear them).

Skins renamed to american_military_police (normal green-white uniform) and american_military_police_field (field uniform). Also added an MP armband to the first one (thanks to Col_Hargrove_of_OSS for noticing that it was missing, I forgot about it!), white pistol holster and a white belt. Changes for the field one are: a belt, a pistol holster (normal, not white) and a rucksack.

First version.

Contact         :
Email           : 
ICQ             : 146098049
YIM             : rookie_one26
MSN/Windows Msg :


These skins may not be edited without my permission.

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