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This is a nice looking Server mod for Spearhead. The author has made some nice changes from using mixed parts from several mods. -=]FAH[=-Marpe has also added some of his own changes, he has added weapons,vehicles, fire,planes, dead bodies and barbwire to the following maps:

-Southern France -stalingrad -Destroyed Village -Remagen -Crossroads -Algiers -Bahnhof -Bazaar -Brest -Gewitter -Holland -Verschneit -The Hunt -V2

Go give this a try and see what you think. Remember to leave the author some feed back.

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File: Mod Farenhate
Author: .:-=]FAH[=-Marpe
Release date: 17/11/2006

Server mod made by -=]FAH[=-Marpe for Spearhead.
I have mixed several mods, and i have added my own changes to these maps,
adding weapons,vehicles, fire,planes, dead bodies and barbwires 
This mod changes these maps:
-Southern France
-Destroyed Village
-The Hunt

Just put the .pk3 file into your MoHAA/mainta directory.

Visit TODOMOHAA at www.todomohaa.com

have fun!!

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