MOH: Civil War (1.0) (Mac Version)

Oops, forgot to post this one. This is the Mac version of the Civil War mod. Conflict over issues of how much control the federal...


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Oops, forgot to post this one. This is the Mac version of the Civil War mod.

Conflict over issues of how much control the federal government should have over the states, industrialization, trade, and especially slavery had increased tension between Northern and Southern states. After Abraham Lincoln was elected president in 1860, 11 Southern states seceded (or withdrew) from the Union and set up an independent government--the Confederate States of America. These events led to the outbreak of the Civil War--a brutal, bloody, four-year conflict that left the South defeated and ended slavery at the cost of more than half a million lives.

This is your story... step into the shoes of a civil war soldier on the most famous battlefields of all time. With your musket in hand you will bring your side to victory!


* Authentic Civil War Weapons, uniforms and battlefeilds. * 10 Epic Civil War Battlefield maps * All new Mohaa menus and interfaces for Mohcw. * Free Download (only compatible with Medal of Honor: Allied Assault)

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Medal of Honor: The Civil War 1.0.0 Readme - 12/18/04

I. Usage Agreement

-MOH:CW is in no way affiliated with EA or the
"Medal of Honor" series.
-MOH:CW is the property of the MOH:CW team.

II. Installation Instructions

Be sure to uninstall any previous versions of MOH:CW before continuing.
You can do this by going to start-->programs-->Medal of honor the civil war-->uninstall

PC Installer
-Extract the using winzip.
-Double click install.exe.
-Follow the instructions in the Dialog.
-***IMPORTANT Make sure you select your MOHAA/Main
directory as the installation directory.***
-Play by using the new MOH:CW icon. Clicking the old one will launch MOH:AA without MOH:CW.

-Extract the using winzip.
-Place zzz_mohcw_b100.pk3 in your MOHAA/main folder.
-Play by using the normal MOH:AA launch icon.

III. Server Information

Game Server
-Our game server is located at

Ventrilo Server
-The Ventrilo voice server is located at

IV. Gameplay Notes

-To pick up a pistol, you must drop your main weapon using the "h" key.
-Pistols cannot be reloaded. You can drop the pistol after you run out
of ammo and pick up another one.
-Right click while using a rifle (without a bayonet) to salute.

V. Known Issues

-The Confederate Rains grenade streamer sometimes turns into objects that look like
snowflakes which causes a large fps drop.-If this bug is spotted please report it.
-Smoke from your own gun can be seen through objects.

VI. Credits

Team Leaders
Matthew Ferri A.K.A Matt228
Josh Lander A.K.A. Col. Sanders

Story Dev. / Historian / Planning
Kyle "Kill Cavalry" Dalton
Casey M. A.K.A. Col. Chamberlain
Jeff Stewart A.K.A. Soviet Medic

Models & Animations
Matthew Ferri A.K.A Matt228
Josh Lander A.K.A. Col. Sanders
Anthony Fohrer A.K.A. TETEDE_CON

Coding / Scripting
Matthew Ferri A.K.A Matt228

Jeremy Bellard A.K.A. The Boogyman
Anthony Fohrer A.K.A. TETEDE_CON

Sound Effects / Music
Anthony Fohrer A.K.A. TETEDE_CON

VII. Special Thanks

-To Klaus and Dr. Doom for allowing us to use part of
the ironsights mod.

Visit for updates and patches.

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