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MOHI-KAN's Medal of Honor: The Civil War mini MOD
Version : 0.1
Release Date : 10-29-2008

Contact :
Email: [email protected]
Language: Japanese


This MOD is mini MOD of Medal of Honor: The Civil War (MOH:CW) MOD.
Without "MOH:CW v1.0.0", this MOD cannot be played.

Place the .pk3 file into the "main" folder in Medal of Honor Allied Assault.
To remove the MOD, just delete the .pk3 file. 


- Addition Point
* Maps
  ... * All maps were made to correspond to Round Based Match.
      * New player spawn point is added to all maps.

* Weapons
  ... * The rename of all weapons.
      * The bullet power of the all weapons improves.
      * The bullet of the revolver is changed to 18.
      * Bullet discharge speed of the Double-barrel Shotgun improves. 
      * The passing speed of the player has quickened. 

* Player Skins
  ... * All skins is changed to the soldier of the American Civil War.
* SoundsĀ@ 
  ... * The sound of Springfield M1861, Pattern 1853 Enfield, and Double-barrel Shotgun is changed.
      * The voice is added to the all voice command.
      * Damage voice and death voice are changed.
      * An environmental sound is added to Manassas-TheFirstDay, Manassas-TheSecondDay, and Wilderness.
      * The bug that the clicking sound doesn't ring by the menu panel is corrected.
      * The sound when the bullet was bombarded to man was changed.


Enjoy! Tanoshindekudasai!

* Other Files 

Medal of Honor: The Civil War v1.0.0 File (Medal of Honor Files);35476

Medal of Honor: The Civil War v1.0.0 MAC version File (Medal of Honor Files);35499


* Japanese -> English Translation Website

* Medal of Honor Information @ WIKI (Only Japanese)

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