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A really nice remake of The Hunt. Sorry but there are no screenshots.


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A really nice remake of The Hunt. Sorry but there are no screenshots.

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Download '' (3.18MB)

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Reloaded

The Manor [mohdm8] (Free-For-All/Team-Match/Round-Based-Match) 
The Hunt [ Reloaded ] [obj_team1_2] (Objective)
BetaTest Version: 3.0.0

Architecture: Ned/Steve
Rebuilded: SNake and lots of help from Seere
Scripting: Ned and lots of help from Zied

PLEASE NOTE: this map remains the property of MoHReloaded and is freely distributed for use on public and privately owned servers.  It is not for use on any online gaming leagues or ladders without the express written permission of the authors.

It is a common misconception that files on the internet are not subject to copyright laws, and may be used at will.  This is FALSE! 

"The general (and incorrect) notion is that anything that is on the internet is public domain and may be taken without permission from the creator/owner. Some people actually think (incorrectly) that just because bits of web pages may be stored in one's cache, or because certain browsers allow one to do "file save as" moves or anything similar one may use such material as you wish. These are false statements. Just because your backyard is not inside of your house, is it in the public domain? Does that give anybody off the street the right to step foot into your backyard without your permission, even if they can see it from the street, or easily access it? Well, the same applies to material published on the internet." 
Permission will usually be granted to use this map by asking the makers of the map.

Requests to use this map for online leagues or ladders must be directed to Insomnia SNake via the mohreloaded forum.

Also NOTE that this map is just a TEST version, bugs may appear in this version, if you find any please post them on the mohreloaded forum so we can fix it for the final version. The map is identical to the original The Hunt from EA's Medal of Honor Allied Assault with the difference that it fixes the glitches and bugs. This map is the first of many that we intend to build to make this great game even better,We hope you enjoy it.
Many thx SNake.

Just drag the 'Reloaded-TheHunt.pk3' in the Mohaa/main folder.

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