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Hi, I'm skuly and I made this map awhile ago and posted it on modtheater and .map forums. http://map.planetmedalofhonor.gamespy.com/moh...


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Hi, I'm skuly and I made this map awhile ago and posted it on modtheater and .map forums.



I don't think it got much attention and maybe it's just because it's my own creation but I think it's a really good map and I thought alot of people would DL it and put it up on their servers but it never happened.

I've decided to try harder at getting it out there for people to try .. so I submited it on planetmedalofhonor and medalofhonor.filefront.com and fileplanet. I should of done that two years ago when i made the map.

Map Info:

Basically my favorite two maps are Stalingrad (mohdm6) and Algeirs (mohdm7) so i combined them.

I used to play vice city alot and liked how the world was pretty large and you could go from one map to another and wanted to try to do something like that with Moh....


mohdm76 does it... you can go back and forth between Stalingrade and algier.

There are teleports on the map that will take you to and from Stali and Algeirs, when the tele is green it means it can be used.. when someone goes through the tele it turns red for a few seconds and can't be used untill it's green again.

The map is for Spearhead and Breakthrough, the teleports won't work with Allied Assualt.

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Place the pk3 in mainta and/or maintt

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