MOHI-KAN's Snowy Park: Day

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MOHI-KAN's Server Side Mod "Snowy Park: Day"
Version : 1.0
Release Date : 03-17-2009

Made By : MOHI-KAN
Contact :
Email: giretsu_airborne (AT)
Language : Japanese

Website : Medal of Honor Information @ MOH Matome WIKI (Only Japanese)


This Mod lightens the view of Snowy Park. (dm/mohdm5)
Because this is Server Side Mod, the client side is not necessary.

Place the .pk3 file into the "main" folder in Medal of Honor Allied Assault.
It doesn't test play in MOHAA Spearhead and MOHAA Breakthrough.
To remove the MOD, just delete the .pk3 file.


+ Added
* Anti ladder cheat.


Enjoy! Tanoshindekudasai!


* Japanese -> English Translation Website

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