MrSeykers SPR Player Skins

This pk3 contains player skins of Saving Private Ryan characters.


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This pk3 contains player skins of Saving Private Ryan characters.

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This pk3 contains player skins of Saving Private Ryan characters.


2nd Ranger Battalion:

- John H. Miller (Captain)
- Mike Horvath (Technical Sergeant)
- Richard Reiben (Private First Class)
- Daniel Jackson (Private First Class)
- Stanley Mellish (Private First Class)
- Adrian Caparzo (Private First Class)
- Irwin Wade (Technician 4th Class)

29th Infantry Division:

- Timothy E. Upham (Technician 5th Class)

101st Airborne Division:

- James Francis Ryan (Private First Class)
- Fred Henderson (Corporal)


V3 Readme:

I've reworked all the textures and edited most of the originals. As of this version, the only original textures not made by me are some character faces (The credit for them still goes to the original authors).

This new version is as movie accurate as it can get using the original MoHAA textures. Some colors might be wrong and details missing, but for the moment is the most accurate it can get due to my skills.


V2 Readme:

I'm only fully responsible for Wade, Caparzo and Ryan skins.

The rest were extracted and partially edited for this skin pack and the credit correspond to the respective authors.

I have no idea if this skin pack would work on Spearhead or Breakthrough. You'll have to test it yourself and let me know.

V2 EDIT: I fixed some flickering in Reiben's jacket, Wade's helmet, and also edited Jackson's head model so it looks better.


You have my permision to edit this files as long as you acknowledge me and the other authors as the original creators. Specially if your editions intent to make the faces, uniforms and gears the more accurate posibly.



Unzip the .pK3 file into your MOHAA\main folder. Delete or move the file to uninstall.



Miller, Horvath, Reiben, Jackson, Upham skins
created by Apa-mu gocyou
(available at;15769)

Henderson skin
created by DJHeadUp
(available at;19182)

Melish skin
created by doggowitz
(available at;1323327;;/fileinfo.html)


Special thanks to:

Snidgets, who remarked some errors in v2 and gave me a link to With that page I managed to correct a lot of errors form the skins.

Jeff Lee for his wonderful skinning tutorial ( I know the faces I made aren't the best, but without this they could have been awful.

Also I send my thanks to the creators/editors of these models: helmet101, us_helmet_inside, bob45holster, 101_grenade.


SPR Player Skin Pack (v3) (C) MrSeyker, 2008

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