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Dr. Deleto's No Name skins, can't fix your aim, but looks great


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Dr. Deleto's No Name skins, can't fix your aim, but looks great

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Dr Deleto's scopes

I'ts been a while since I actually released anything to the general public. Been sticking mostly to My clan's site or the forums. But I decided to start releasing my scopes for all of you again. Hope you like what you downloaded today, if ya don't...oh well.

To install insert pk3 in mohaa/main

to uninstall...duh..delete it.

for questions, comments, requests, or to just tell me how damn awesome I am :)  - email AND MSN Messenger

or goto

thanks goto Hobbs for the Blurring inspiration, Recoil || Factor for being my target during countless tests, and Minefeild for just aknowledging I exist. Also want to thank, (WWC)Hellbringer and (WWC)Mosquito for helping me test everything and for being good freinds. Thanks also to everyone who stops into our server and tells me what they think of my mods. good or bad, it helps.

Good luck to all the new modders out there, with people like all the above mentioned to show your work beside your gonna need it. 

USE RIFLES! IT'S MORE FUN THAT WAY FOOLS! and thats what the GAME is all about.....FUN.


Dr. Deleto


(WWC)Dr. Deleto

     |  |  |  
          |  |  |
            |  |  |  |     0 0
          |   |  |          W
     |   |   |             ...

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