Old Gonorreas Realism Mod

A very good realism mod. Makes the game have a great feel to it. Check the readme file for more information.


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A very good realism mod. Makes the game have a great feel to it. Check the readme file for more information.

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Download 'useroldirealismv4.zip' (85KB)

Old Gonorreas realism V4
NOTE: There are two versions included: the one with prone mod and other without it

First, i want to say some things:

First, ive been away for a while, i have my own life to live so i cant spend 24h\7 in
front of my comp.
Second, that this mod is NOT totally realistic. If i would make it totally realistic,
everyone would just run with BARs cause it would kill by one shot, even from a legshot
Third, the prone mod credits goes once againt to Memphis but since i sended 20 e-mails
to his\hers, everytime i got reply that the !¤!#%¤ e-mail is not valid\failed send
Fourth, the weapons on back thingy goes to unknown author, i just found the file on i-net
and cause there was no contact info, i used his codelines but credits goes to the origi-
nal author.
Fifth is that the MG42 ROF mods dont work in original MoH, only way to get them work
will make the weapon un-usable (you cant with it if you make the ROF working)
And the sixth thing is that this mod wont add any cvars and etc.

And now some breaking news!

Scopes wont affect to accuracy anymore, so snipers arent anymore so annoying

Weapon damages are now increased (such Garand makes now 95 per shot, Thompson 74 and etc)

AT weapon projectiles are now correct; Bazooka has fast rocket but quite low damage,
Panzerschrek has slow but VERY (makes 800 in straight hit) deadly rocket (88mm rocket
was really powerful)

And some "sad" news

I havent figured out the Bazooka thingy that how to make that you can fire only in crouch
(possible to make in normal MoH, as TBFWWII realism shows but im not gonna copy it from

I havent figured out how to disable autoreload

Now the speech is over, and time to check the readme ;)

Copy\extract this pk3 file into your Medal of Honor\main\ directory.
To uninstall file, delete it from main directory
NOTE: This is for MP only, dont try it on SP cause weapon damages have funny bugs in SP.

2.New features since earlier version:
Bash damage lowered to 70
BAR ROF lowered by 0.01
Firespread tweaks
M1 Ammoload decreased (1 inside and 10 backup)
Rifle bulletspreads and bulletranges are tweaked (they have lower spread from bullets now)
AT weapon projectiles fixed
Scopes wont affect to accuracy anymore
Weapon damages increased
Other weapons bulletranges tweaked

3.Some known info:
Yes, i know that M1, Springfield and BAR were one hit kill weapons (mostly), but it would
ruin the game\mod cause then every Axis would pick BARs from ground and rush due if you hit
to finger, the victim is dead.
And yes, K98k wasnt able to reload in middle of clip (expect insertin one round at time),
but i didnt want to be so mean (and i want that people would start using rifles more with
this mod :])
The M7A1 (or M1A1) Bazooka guy carried usually 3-4 rockets (unless it was a team where
other carries rockets and reload while other one operates), but since projectile is fix-
ed, i didnt want that everyone start to use it
Walther P38 was favored by officers and usually carried with two clips only (one inside
and one for backup), but i didnt want that the backup weapon at Axis has lower amount
of ammo
StG44 didnt fire a real rifle round (short version of rifle round), so the damage is lower
than K98k
Thompson was meant for "trench sweeper" weapon, so thats why it has low accuracy like
it had in real life

4.Known bugs:
If you have K98k or Springfield and you hit to enemy weapon, he has about 40 hp left, i
cant figure out what bug this is
If you kill some low-health guy with bash, he flies into air :)
Scope accuracy things works randomly (sometimes you hit in middle of the scope but
sometimes it may spread about 2-3cm (real life values) from the middle of the scope =P)

5.A FAQ what i collected from some e-mails what i got.

Q: Why the weapon names arent correct?
A: I would change them but the weapon turns into ghost (you cant see it nor the ammo hud)

Q: Could you make Panzerfaust instead of panzerschrek?!
A: Im not modeller or coder, i only know simple modding.

Q: Why weapon damages arent fully realistic?!
A: I dont want to turn this game into BAR-rushers of Honor, and believe or not but K98k
was good rifle, even M1 was beter in real life. Learn to aim if you cant kill with BAR
or some kind of weapon

Q: Why StG44 wont kill by one shot? It fire rifle round ffs
A: In truth, short rifle round, see that K98k used 7.92x57mm rounds, and MP44\StG44 used
7.92x33mm rounds, and they were called "short" rifle rounds, it was quite powerful yes
but since its short round, it wont make so much damage (and i maded it for small balance
and i know that 7.92 calibre rounds are "counted" as 8mm Mauser rounds)

Q: Why you made recoil? Its not realistic!
A\Q: Have you ever fired a weapon?

Yes, those are collected from some flaming posts that i got (im not gonna say their names
who sended them for privacy)

6.Contact info:
If you have suggestions, ideas, whines, floodings, help offers, other crap and etc, e-mail
at msairas@suomi24.fi

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