Omaha Reformed



A more imposing Atlantic Wall, changing Omaha from a gloried Stalingrad into a true siege.



Omaha Reformed


A more imposing Atlantic Wall, changing Omaha from 
a glofied Stalingrad into a true siege.


Allied routes inside bunkers cut off, 
architecture more suited to axis defense
rather than easy allied sweep

Machine Guns Added to Strategic Locations

Strategic spawning sites added for Axis
to allow quicker defensive positions

Mines in the field of play

Unfair allied spawning positions and unexplainable random 
concrete cover on the shingle is eliminated, necessitating
allied crossing of beach as should always have been the case.

Weapons caches which can also be utilized by the allies -- when
and if they finally get to them. 

rare spawning positions on the roof of parts of the 
bunker complex.

I was always amazed how on a representation of Omaha Beach the
axis could have more deaths then the allies. The law of
siege warfare is that equal encounters between attackers and
defenders end in greater losses for the attackers- especially
in this historical battle! The allies must claw their way
to the cannons, winning only through sheer numbers, heroics,
or the ineptness of the defenders, just like in real life.

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