Quiksilvers Atomic Grenades



This is a server-side mod, which will guarantee a good time is had by all! In short, it makes all grenades's secondary attack a REAL atomic bomb. It kills anything in it's path (unless u hide behind a wall) and has a 10 second fuse. If you think this mod makes the grenades to strong, but you like the idea of them being stronger then the stock ones, then you should download the first version.

See the readme for more information.



*QuiksilveR's Atomic Grenades 2 README*

This is a server-sided mod which makes all grenades's secondary
attack an REAL atomic bomb. it kills any thing in it's path (unless u hide behind a wall)
and has a 10 second fuse, a 60 second delay is on the secondary attack of a nade (which is atomic).
if this is overkill in ur opinion and want a more pratical version for using on everyday servers
try the previous version, QuiksilveR's Atomic Grenades. if u wanna have sum fun with real atomic 
nades, this is ur mod this mod doesn't change the primary attack ofgrenades at all.

i thought of this idea cause no one uses the short toss, it's basicly just a primary toss
thrown at the ground. 

Install: Place the .pk3 file into your server's /main folder, client's donot need
the mod + im not sure if it works in SH or BT servers

Uninstall: move out of /main folder and restart server

Happy Fragging ;-)


Kavon89 AT gmail DOT com

*QuiksilveR's Atomic Grenades 2 README*

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