RAF Pilot

Cool skin of a British Royal Air Force pilot.


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Cool skin of a British Royal Air Force pilot.

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well, it's been quite some time since i've made a skin, but i think this 
isn't too bad.

Basically, i've become sick of the damn Luftwaffe getting all the credit for 
Air supremacy, so i've decided to make an RAF Pilot

Most of you know the drill, just put the .pk3 in your mohaa/main folder and 
bob's yer uncle ;). Also, this skin works for both MOHAA and Spearhead.

Well, until next time, enjoy the skin, and stay in school

-Captain Wilkins

Note:if anyone has any ideas for skins, send them to me at 
l008455@hotmail.com, or leave a post on the mods forum of 
http://www.alliedassault.com, and i'll see
if i can get around to making it.

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