RB Smokepuff

Large smoke puff shows up when you shoot someone.


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Large smoke puff shows up when you shoot someone.

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Download 'rb-smokepuff-spr.zip' (30KB)

-=|:|.:.MOHAA Saving Private Ryan Smoke Puff V1.0.:.|:|=-

Place the .pk3 file in your "main" folder inside your MOHAA Directory.  To Remove this Realism Patch, simply take out these files:

1. user-RB-SmokeSPR1.0.pk3


1.0: I decided to whip up a quick smoke puff, after i got done watching the saving private ryan dvd.  Its nothing special but i decided to release to see what other people think of it so far.  as of now i am currently working on a more realistic smoke puff with different scripting and also adding smoke puff's on walls and different objects, with the smoke hanging around in the air.  Also expect a new release of Real Blood sometime soon with all new scripting and effects.


-- metz ;=--=;

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