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Updated as of July 2022! ~ Version 1.06 ~ Mod Edited by ~ Ghost ~


Private Message Menu, Few new Rcon Features, and New Crosshair's and Selection Option

Ver 1.05

Cleaned up urc. file errors Added more Rcon Features Fixed Rcon Map Load file

Ver 1.04

I've added a Server Menu and Filter Menu background edit (plz note the background will only change via mod, accessing through the traditional way will still result in the original background)

New Menu can be accessed through f9, or going to another menu and selecting it.

Ver 1.03

Fixed the download file selection, included Rcon Menu Screenies

Ver 1.02

Change a few button visual looks, fixed Compass order so now Small is actually small, and large is actually large
Thank You Very Much

Mod Edited by ~ Ghost ~



Updated as of July 2022!   ~ Version 1.06 ~
Mod Edited by ~ Ghost ~ 

Credit!!! Please do not remove this File!!

Thank You

This Menu was original designed as an Rcon Menu, The original Author is unknown as far as I know
The following is a link to the original mod


I also took User-EasyPicKCross and placed his mod into this one


Created By: BaTtOuSaI
Date: 5.10.05
Version: 1.0

The following is a link to the original mod



Project Raptor 46 Crosshair Chooser F11

Created By: *>DM<_Maj_Ass}{ole
Date: 04-15-2008
Website: http://digitalmilitia.clanservers.com/main/
Version: 1.0

The following is a link to the original mod


All i really did was take the existing code and edit it. Which is time consuming but a small feat, compared to the 
time it took to make the original code itself.

My personal contribution to these mods have been, The Player Menu mod, and The Server Menu

For the Server Menu and the Filter Menu I personally dug through the MoH code and recoded what I needed.

So in turn this also comes from EA&apos;s Original Code

Please insure you give Credit where it was due, through my own experiences it&apos;s taking me 40+ hours to make changes to these mods, 
add screenies, dig through code, figure out what code does what. Then apply it through huge amounts of trial and error!

~~ Disclaimer ~~

I hear by take NO Responsibilty for any and all direct or indirect damages to yourself and or person(s) and or private property.
I Disclaim all legal responsibility in the use of the this Mod
I Hear by allow the user the ability to change anything they wish in this mod, but do not allow the user(s) altered copy to be distributed AS the
Any and all rights not Disclaimed or Claimed in the above paragraph under &quot;~~ Disclaimer &quot; are hear by reserved. ® 2009

Mod Edited by ~ Ghost ~

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