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This latest release from Fewzz is massively updated with all new features and effects. Sure to become a popular mod with all the MoH fans. D...


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This latest release from Fewzz is massively updated with all new features and effects. Sure to become a popular mod with all the MoH fans. Detailed information is located inside the readme.

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Thanks for trying my mod , this mod has takin' me a long time to make and get online for you to enjoy , this mod started along time back when me and freinds wanted various mods , we didnt like loads of seperate files so i started pasting them together , then was born Fewzz's Mohmod , a collection of the best available mods we liked.

Then RealWar was born , i started learning about modding etc , and to cut it short other modders help out with ideas and work of there own.

This mod is for SH and BT only , works best on BT as youll get all the stuff in the mod!

Nothing in the mod will effect you joining any servers , all weapons will work on any server.

Ive tried to make this as ONE complete mod , hence the size so you dont need loads of mods in your folders.


Well ill let you find most of it as theres so much in here , heres a brief run through:

BOTS! , all maps are now capable of running BOTS ,ALL stock maps from AA,SH and BT , yes ALL and you can use the bot control menu to do it too , theres also lots of custom maps in there too , all with bots , try LOST VILLAGE , a excellant custom map that someone made along time back and works real well with bots! a falgship bot map , experiment with the way you play em , most are TDM , even the TOW ones are too , but lots work on OBJ.

In game textures , all scenery , buildings etc are now retextured, ive gone for a war torn look where possible , but coz of nature of repeated textures u cant fully recreate a war torn look but i done me best.

A Unique hud , menus , menu sounds etc etc

Wpns have been reskinned by various modders etc , even the bar bipod and luger etc was supplied to me for this mod , straps , bayonets etc look nice too.

Custom FX , explosions , blood etc.

Huge SOUND pack , really sounds nice.Turn your sound up!

LOTS LOTS MORE , go play and enjoy yourself!


Thanks to all the modding community , i need to thankyou you all , coz this mod would not exist without you , so many have helped me in past i cant remember you all!

Special thanks to

eagleAR for helping out and doing the most work on the bot map scripts , he made most of the stock ones.

ViceLord aka Mohaa_Virus at MDC Clan , for many many fixes and tweaks over the months , a great help , and also for the ftp and mod hosting.

(EOI) Clan , for the use of much much textures from there HDMod to allow me to finalise the textures part.

D-Day Baz for much play testing.


Enjoy my mod and contact me with ideas and input on next version at

Heres to version3!

Want to help? i need working bayonets / iron sights / molotov cocktails! and more!


please leave feedback at

forumn at


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