Recoil Bullet Holes

A Pack of bullet holes that look different on each surface. Looks cool.


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A Pack of bullet holes that look different on each surface. Looks cool.

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*****  R || F  *****

Release Date: 03-27-03 

ReCoil || Factor Bullet Holes

Decided to publish my personal bullet hole mod because I saw some work that looked a lot like mine so

I decided to release the originals....Included are new bullet holes for metal, wood, stone, glass, and
a better wood splinters effect as well. 

For SpearHead and MOHAA!  I have tested this in both games and it works fine for me... I keep a copy in 

both the main and mainta folders...  

Thanks goes to Hobbs and Captain Kick your Ass who tested it with me... :)

Skin not wroking?  Try unchecking the box "Texture Compression" in SpearHead - Options - Video.  :)


Place the .pk3 file into the MOHAA main and/or mainta folder in Medal of Honor SpearHead.  To remove the Mod,

just delete the .pk3 file. 

Enjoy :)



All images were either created, modified, improved upon and/or because I have no real talent of my own, 

blatantly ripped off by ReCoil || Factor.  So if you see some graphical rendition in my work that you 

think is yours "Well Thanks" and please remember one thing --- 

There is a Very Fine Line Between "Hobby" and "Mental Illness"

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