Rip's Tavern



servers nothing but world famous fried chicken.I started going there when i was 14 i think, and my family started going there about same age. Great chicken, crispies and had cheap beer!..lol Before the place burnt down in the 80's therewas a black rubber mat that ran down the center of the dinning area. It was like walking on icedue to all the grease, so people used to slip and bust their ass all the time, good fun..lolI wanted to have a small map for some crazy fun battles, so hope this worksthats the brief history of Rip's Tavern...has nothing to do with my name btwenjoy!..cheers!!Also comes with beer nades and crispy and pickle minesThere is also a music file to download if wanted. Or change your own music to the names. Have fun-=Trs=-TheRipppa


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