=ROCK= Fun Mods!!!



mod that was running on that server. I already uploaded a primitive version of the mod. This one, is updated and has some new features. (Mohaa only mod)*Jim's unusual punishment scripts*Fly planes, rockets, ...*Cool map mods*Anti-sharkThis mod includeds:*Weapon Mod=> All weapons are modded. => Axis: *Pistol: Far Bash *MP40: Inf Ammo *Bazooka: Shoots toilets *fast fire shotties=> Allies: *...*Map Mods=> All maps modded with WEIRD shit, trust me.*Southern France: Dudes, Midget, Giant, Secret Stash, jump boxes, other stuff. *Destroyed VillageFly planes, big plane that flys around + map mods. *RemagenFly rockets, be dogs (no sure!?), light mod, ... *CrossroadsDogs attacking you, Tank driving around and shooting, Steal the bear mod!*StalingradNuke mod, weather mod*AlgiersDudes, Midget, giant, secret, ..., map mods and secret health spot to become overpowerd.*M1L2ADudes (so powers), Jetpacks, Rockets*M2L2CUboat mod (pretty cool!) Special thx to Cardevsan*M3L1AFly planes, pretty cool OMAHA BEACH LANDING (when playing as allies)*M4L3 Fly planes, cool maps, pretty big!Support for all SP/MP maps!!! (some even modded are here not included!)Have fun playing!


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