=ROCK= Realism



Realse of the ROCK realism mods V2.

Changes :

- Handy .exe installer file for the mods - messages.txt has been moved to the main folder so you can adjust the server messages to anything you want. - Server scoreboard messages have been changed. - Map mods have been added. - Whole mod has been tweaked and is now less bugy, though there are still alot of bugs in there that need fixing.

Wath is the =ROCK= Realism mod ?

- A realism mod based on 95TH medic/realism mod. Rock version is heavily adjusted though, no reinforcement addon, some other stuff has been taken out too. And new stuff added in.

Short discription ?

- Realism mod with a decent weapons and map mods.



By Paul "GiffE" Gifford

Main add-ons By Axl François
=ROCK= Gen. Sklipnoty.

Side Add-ons By
the whole filefront,
modding theather community

Do not RIP this mod or any part of this mod without
Proper credits.

Readme ...
Edit the messages.scr for other server advertisments


All weapons Bash
Medic mod
Battle Field Promotion mod
Floating Scope with breathing
Additional Taunts
All Fixes
Admin Mod - Rcon commands etc.
Rebound Damage
Dynamic Health Kits
Foresight Support
Balanced Realism Weapons mod

(credits to Rookie-One)
It can be called in by Staff Sergents or better, using the binoculars.
Using it lets off 6 Shell of massive artilery fire in random places around where a player called it in.

To use this ability equip your binoculars by pressing 7.
If your fully "Charged", Aim the binoculars at the ground where you want to strike.
This area must not be covered, and must have a clear path to the sky otherwise it will not accept.
Press the Fire button (left mouse) and in a few seconds artillery shells will rain down on the area you pinpointed, significantly damaging or destroying anything (friend or foe) in the area.

Additional Taunts:
In addition to the regular taunts our server has 8 more taunts which a player can say.
To open the taunt menu hold down fire and press use.

You can also bind a key so that you only have to press the key to do it.

To bind a key lets say F:
Open up console [~]
Type in:
bind F +attackprimary; +use; -attackprimay; -use
And press enter

now the F key will open the menu.

All weapons can bash.
Use Alternate fire to bash. :)

Players with a health pack on their belt are injured.
Go up to them and hold USE [e] to heal them
You get full health, one grenade, a bazooka, and one-half credit towards your promotion.

Reinforcement Mod:
Both teams get a set number of respawns. First team to reach 0 spawns loses. When a player respawns and wasn’t revived, your counter will go down. You must work with your team and revive your team mates to keep your reinforcement count higher than your enemies. Once your enemy's reinforcements are depleted then he loses, and vise versa. The Meter on the bottom shows your teams remaining spawns.

Promotion Mod:
As players kill and heal, it counts towards their promotion. On your HUD, it displays your rank.
All players start as a Private at the beginning of every round. After a certain amount of kills a drum will roll and will announce your promotion.
Certain ranks get more rights and benefits.
Each rank can use any benefit or right of a rank under them.


Private First Class

Gets one smoke grenade at spawn

Ability to use Flak88

Staff Sergeant
Ability to call in artillery

Usable Flak88:
Also on certain maps, Flak88s are available to be used by Sergeants or higher. Go up to the
Flak88 and hit use to get inside. Aim, fire, and your enemies fly.

Floating Scope/Breathing:
A handicap is placed on snipers. While in scope you will find it moving. Your breathing is causing you to have less steady hands. But you can hold your breathe by holding USE [e]. You can only hold your breathe for 30 seconds.
A jeep can hold one driver and one passenger.

Smoke Grenades:
Smoke grenades are rewarded to a Corporal at spawn. Corporals get 1 Smoke grenade.
The Smoke grenade takes the form of the Axis grenade; an allies grenade takes the place of a standard
Frag grenade.

Admin Mod:
Many Admin commands were added; documentation will be done later.

Dynamic Health Kits:
This mod makes health packs completely control able via cvar in your server config or by setting the cvar in game.

Some things you can do with the health packs are:
-Disable/Enable Them
-Random Health Amounts
-Slowly Generating Health Amounts (like SH and BT)
-Rate the health packs heal in the above setting
-How much the health packs drop

Foresight Support:
Our mod pack is packaged to run and work AS a foresight 1.6 script.
Also enables the use of player names in script.

Balanced Realism:
Each weapon class on both sides is balanced out to remain equal to the opposing team.
Although they are both equal, they both maintain certain characteristics to their own class, keeping the battle fast, fun, and fair.

A message rotation set by an admin, will display at the bottom center screen.
This displays mod information, instructions, and clan information.
You can use %nextmap% in your message for the next map to be inserted there.

MG42 Team Swap fix
Grenade Team Swap Fix
Ladder Team Swap fix
MG42 Crouching Fix
Land Shark Fix
Grenade Drop Fix
Fps crash fix
Map Fixes


Add-ons :

- Map mods.
- Improving this whole system making it less bugy and fewer crashing.
- New weapons mod has been implented.
- Reinforcement has been removed.
- Countless other things that I forgot ...


Hope you enjoy this mod !

Be sure to check out the corresponding client side part !

My regards



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