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Always liked the RTCW Venom models, You can now have them on MoH go check it out and tell us what you think :D


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Always liked the RTCW Venom models, You can now have them on MoH go check it out and tell us what you think :D

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Download 'leon_rtcw_venom.zip' (305KB)

Here is RTCW Venom player model. This file is for Spearhead and Breakthrough only.

Install: Copy pk3 file under Mohaa/mainta or maintt folder.
Uninstall: Delete file.



 My other MOH files are:  [SH: Spearhead files. BT: Breakthrough files.] 

 Team Tactics:				        
  -Springfield TT [BT-SH]                                            -Enfield TT [BT-SH]   
  -Carcano TT [BT]                                                    -Mosin 1891 TT [BT-SH]
  -Garand M1 TT [BT-SH]                                           -DeLisle TT [BT]                                                       
  -Karabiner 98 TT [BT-SH]                                         -SVT 40 TT [BT-SH]
  -Webley TT [BT-SH]                                                -Beretta TT [BT]
  -Mauser 98 TT [BT-SH]                                            -Thompson TT [BT-SH]
  -StG 44 TT [BT-SH]                                                 -Mauser 98 Sniper TT [BT]
  -Colt 45 TT [BT-SH]                                                 -Winchester TT [BT-SH]
  -G 43 TT [BT-SH]                                                    -P 38 TT [BT-SH]
  -Beretta 93R TT [BT]

 Weapon Skins Pack:
  -Team Tactics Weapon Pack [BT-SH]
  -Team Tactics Weapon Pack 2 [BT-SH]
  -Team Tactics Weapon Pack 3 [BT-SH]
  -WW2 Rifle Collection

  Heavily Modified Weapons:                              
  -HSS Sharpshooter [BT-SH]                                      -Rotpfeil MG 42 [SH-BT]
  -Carcano II [BT]				        -L42 Enfield Night Ops Sniper [BT]                                      
  -G 43 Ausf B [BT-SH]			        -FAMAS Thompson II [BT-SH]
  -Breda MG [BT]                                                       -Mauser 98 KS [BT]                     
  -Ofenrohr Panzerschreck [BT-SH]        		        -Mp 75 Ausf D [BT-SH]
  -1943 Springfield [SH-BT]			        -Wehrmacht Vickers [BT]
  -Delisle Mk II [BT]                                                    -Wehrmacht DeLisle [BT]
  -Enfield Deco [BT-SH]                                              -Vickers for Spearhead
  -Flakvierling 45 [SH-BT]                                            -Breakthrough's DeLisle for Spearhead
  -Vickers Berthier MG reskin [BT]                                 -Beretta for P38 [BT]
  -Breakthrough's Beretta for Spearhead                       -1919 A4 Mk II [SH-BT]
  -Grunherz MG 42 [SH-BT]                                         -Auto Feed M1 Garand BF [SH]
  -Biathlon 98 K Burst Fire                                           -AK 47 Kalashnikov [SH]
  -Sten P MG42 [SH-BT]                                             -12 Shooter Webley [SH-BT]
  -Colt Raging Bull [SH]                                               -Sten Mk II SAS [SH-BT]
  -Springfield Custom BB Gun                                       -FAMAS Thompson 1946
  -3 in 1 BB Guns Pack                                                -PSG-1 Sniper [SH]
  -USA Riot Shotgun & Combat Gloves                          -Spearhead Riot Mk II
  -MP 70                                                                  -XtG 50 NSDAP
  -Soviet SMG                                                           -Ubersoldat Kar98 Sniper Mk II
  -MP 75 Ausf C [SH]                                                 -XMP 70 Mk II                                        
  -Ubersoldat Kar98 Sniper                                          -Tigerkanone V 19 [SH-BT] 
  -Thompson Para 9mm                                              -Spec Ops Springfield II
  -Tokarev [SH]                                                         -Colt ACP 14 [SH-BT]           
  -Karabiner 98 Biathlon                                               -Verbesserte HS 9mm [SH]
  -West Point Garand                                                 -Spetznatz PPSH MG42 [SH-BT]
  -New German Grenades [SH]                                   

 Scope Mods: [Works with all versions.]
  -Thinline Scope for Mauser 98
  -Thermal Scope 
  -ZNV Light Amplification Scopes
  -ZNV Zombie Light Amplification Scopes 
  -ZNV Nazi Ghosts Light Amplification Scopes 

 Blood Patches:
  -Blood Patch for Breakthrough
  -Blood Patch for Spearhead
 Smoke Mods:
  -Gas Grenades [BT-SH]
  -Realism Smoke Mod [MOHAA-BT-SH]
  -Tracer Smoke for Bazookas [BT-SH]
  -Tracer Smoke for Bazookas [MOHAA]
  -Black Smoke for Grenades [SH]

 Player Skin Mods:
  -Stalin vs Hitler [SH]
  -Hitler's DNA [MOHAA]

 Player Skins:
  -The Leon (Myself) [BT-SH]

 Vehicle Mods:
  -Flughafen JU 87 [SH]
  -Vehicle Add-Ons for Multiplayer maps [Works with all versions.]
  -Spearhead Vehicle Add-On Pak
  -Spearhead Vehicle Add-On Pak II

  -Opel Window Patch [SH]
  -Menu Shooting Sounds [Works with all versions.]
  -Wolfen Compass Pack [Works with all versions.]
  -Weapons In Color [Works with all versions.]

 [Do not distribute or remix my files without written permission.]

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