Rusty Steilhangrenate

A rusty german grenade, hope the pin comes out


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A rusty german grenade, hope the pin comes out

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Release Date: 01-07-03 

ReCoil || Factor Rusty Steilhangrenate

Reworked the entire skin.  Custom grained hickory wood handle and rusty stressed metal.  

Not historicly correct but might look good in the game.

For SpearHead and MOHAA!

Skin not wroking?  Try unchecking the box "Texture Compression" in SpearHead - Options - Video.  This

goes for MOHAA as well.. :)


Did You Know?

The stick grenade, or "potato masher" was based on a WWI design and was used throughout the War. It 

consisted of a hollow wooden staff with a pull-out string, fuse and detonator, and the canister of thin 

sheet steel with the powder charge. The stick grenade had to be activated before use by unscrewing the 

saftey cap on the stick end and then inserting one of the detonators brought along in small cases. The 

stick grenade could not only be used individually, but also as a concentric charge. 


Place the .pk3 file into the MOHAA/mainta folder in Medal of Honor SpearHead and/or the main folder in 


To remove the skin, just delete the .pk3 file. 

Enjoy :)



All images were either created, modified, improved upon and/or because I have no real talent blatantly

ripped off by ReCoil || Factor.  So if you see some graphical rendition in my work that you think is

yours "Well Thanks" and please remember one thing - There is a Very Fine Line Between "Hobby" and "Mental Illness"

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