Sbs Soilworker custom skin



This is a Soil worker players skin that can be used for MOHAA Spearhead or Breakthrough.



This skin was made by MARBLEZILLA, currently a member of the SBS (sandboxsoldiers) gaming clan.
I've made about 25 custom skins so far for fellow clan members and some just for fun.
I run MOHAA with the Breakthrough expansion pack. I never installed Spearhead, although I'm sure many of the maps and skins I browse through have many Spearhead aspects. ------------------------------------------------------------
Our clan's website is www.sandboxsoldiers.com.
My website is www.geocities.com/marblezilla.
My E-mail is marblezilla AT hotmail DOT com.
This is a skin I made for a clan-mate. It is based upon the michael meyers skin. It has a multitude of facial scars and a full neck scar with stitches. It has a smiley face on the back and 4 throwing knives.

I made a TGA file without his name on the shirt, It's in the textures/sbs_soil folder in the skin PK3 called sbs_soil_shirt_noname. You can switch TGA names if you want the generic alternative.
Each skin has 4 sets of TIK files. One german pair and 3 allied ones.  A allied (US), allied_british & allied_russian. This is so you can use all the weapons from each nationality. They are located in the Models/Player folder in the PK3.

Each skin has a shader file located in the Scripts folder in the PK3.

Each skin has TGA images with custom, unique names located in the Textures/(Skin Name) folder in the PK3.

I don't include any of the standard SKD skeletal files as you should already have them.

All skin image editing done with Adobe Photoshop CS2. All PK3s made with PakScape. My thanks to all that helped me in various ways, including SBS Trinity, SBS Bullrtproof, SBS Charmed Vixen & many others.

Tutorials include the Nemesis skinning/modding site, Wolfman's site and quite a few others.

To test the skins, I remove all my custom skin PK3s and check out the skins in the multiplayer select mode and use them in a lan game with 2 CPUs at my house.
If your running Spearhead, open up the zip file and copy the skin PK3 to your EA Games/MOHAA/Mainta folder.

if your running Breakthrough, open up the zip file and copy the skin PK3 to your EA Games/MOHAA/Maintt folder.
Legal disclaimer: Have fun with them. Mod them. Use them on your clan's server. The only thing I ask is remember who made them. Haaaa, not me. I only got creative and modified them. Oh yea ... Freeze-Tag RULES !!!!!!!!, haaaaaaa.

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