's suomi smg m31

replaces mp40 or tommy with the Suomi smg WARNING: AA only


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replaces mp40 or tommy with the Suomi smg WARNING: AA only

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README - Sgt. KIA's Suomi M31 SMG for MOHAA - 31.8.2003

I'd like to thank Smartti and Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) Mod for Operation Flashpoint for letting me use their sound for an M31. Many thanks again. 
Please visit their great site at and download their mod.

Many thanks to Simo Häyhä for image resources. 

Last but not least: Promitheas, the author of Lightray3D. Thanks for tuts and all your help.

- This mod introduces a Suomi M31 SMG for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. Its NOT meant for Spearhead. There are two .pk3 files in this .zip. One for each side (allies, axis). However, you should use only one at a time (see below).
- The M31 replaces Thompson SMG or MP40 depending which one you're about to install.
- The round clip has 70 bullets.
- Firerate is set to 900 rpm.
- In order to see the new animations fully working the mod must be installed on a server too. On client side there are two clip during reload animation, which may seem a bit acward.
- ONLY 1ST PERSON VIEW ANIMS ARE MADE. 3rd person view anims werent done due to the so many files involved. Thus, holding position places left hand partly inside the clip in 3rd person view.

- For AA only
- Remove other custom SMG weapon mods before you run this one.
- Use only one of the files at a time. If you use both, original ALLIED animations for SMGs are used and seen on allied side.
- This mod needs to be installed on serves to enable all animations, clip size and firerate.

- To install put one of the files into ...\mohaa\main -folder 
- TO uninstall remove the file

If you decide to run this mod on your server, please let me know about it so that i can join in a game someday ;).

** AUTHOR **
Everything else except the sounds is made by Sgt KIA.
Author: Sgt KIA

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