Soviet Vixens final



specifications:Soviet Vixens model skin is now available both for allied bots and allied human players; however, note that bot skins only is supported for the stock maps (both objective and deathmatch)All the bot support files for all stock maps. Bots have now simple russian and german names, so it is more realistic and easier to read them to know which team belongs them when reading the killboards.Texture reworkings (the screenshots were taken previously of the final changes, applied on pants, sleeves and gloves)Five soviet weapons: SVT-40, Mosin Nagant 91/30, PPSh-41, Tokarev TT-33 and F1 grenade. The first three weapons extracted from Gen Cobra's Stalingrad Final addons and the other two from Russian Mod by Lt. Pato. These are the best weapon models that I have found.High realism weapon model applied to all weapons. I fixed the bullet hud for all the soviet weapons and the misplaced muzzle flash in PPSh-41. Although the weapons have the same aspect as the original created from their very creators, you will feel the difference when shooting them; same applies for the rest of the weapons. Thanks to Wikipedia I could create this model...


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