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WOW is all I have to say. I'm in love with Stalingrad 2. It's a remake of the Stalingrad map, which came with the original game. It was th...


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WOW is all I have to say. I'm in love with Stalingrad 2. It's a remake of the Stalingrad map, which came with the original game. It was the demo map, and it's still one of the most popular ones out there, and still one of my favorites (In there with Destroyed Village). But I never thought that anyone could make it better. But, MPowell stopped that thought.

I think the idea was very original, no one else has thought of it, and it's quite stylish. Added rooms, cars... makes it more look like a battle. The design is amazing. Simply amazing. I like little touches like extra boxes, a broken down car in the middle of the courtyard, slightly destroyed buildings... Very stylish.

The sky is well done, and I like how he's turned it into a night battle. It's dimly lit, you can see the enemy fine, but just adds nicely to make it a bit more suspenseful. Design, it's great. Nothing else to say. It's great, I tell you.

Reviewed by Pscott

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Download '' (4.99MB)

Stalingrad 2 (Full Version)
Created by : MPowell1944
Special Thanks to : GenSwat1944

Description :

Quite different from the First Release version. Textures have changed, more furniture has been added amongst some other cool things. What are you waiting for? Go check it out! lol

Version Fix :

All the following bugs have been fixed.

1. Floating Brushes have been removed.
2. Wood Board bug has been fixed. The plank that wouldnt allow you to walk straight down it, has been fixed.
3. Grenades dont go through the ground anymore.
4. Roof Bug causing you to have to jump to get on other side of roof has been fixed.
5. All invisible brushes which were blocking the player have been removed.
6. Roof has an extra access point, making it harder for one team to control the rooftops.
7. Added extra buildings to give the map a real feeling. With the first release, the map appeared to be "floating".

Known Bugs :

1. The lighting is still alittle quarky, due to light placement, but overall is pretty good.
2. The oil barrel's in one building will keep gushing oil forever when they are shot. Don't know why this is, but just toss a nade at 'em to make 'em stop.   : )
3. Also, when you shoot the oil barrels, they act as 1 barrel. So when you shoot 1, they will all jump. Weird but no big deal.

Settings :

Here are the settings i used while testing the map.

Resolution - 800x600
All Setting Except Texture Detail were set to max. Texture Detail was set to medium

With those settings, i got an average 40 - 45 FPS. The lowest it dropped to was 24. 

Install/Un-Install :

To Install just place User-Stalingrad2Full.pk3 into your mohaa/main folder, and place the music file Amb_Stalingrad-2.mp3 into your mohaa/main/sound/amb_stereo folder.

To Un-Install, simply remove those 2 files.

The map file will be listed as stalingrad-2 for the full version, versus stalingrad2 for the first release. just letting you know to avoid any confusion amongst the names on the maplist.

Contacts :

Email -
ICQ - 154870775
AIM - Insomnia1944
Gamespy - MPowell1944
Online Handle - MPowell1944 or =[IRA]=MPowell1944
Roger Wilco - Yes

I thank you again for downloading and for being patient with me. I know you have been waiting for this version, and i am happy to say that it was worth the wait.

Have fun and kill hard!

Some Info About the Map (for all you mappers out there)

BrushCount : 3,975
EntityCount - 338
VisDataSize : 2,067,976
BSP Compile Time : 149 Seconds
VIS Compile Time : 608 Seconds
Light Compile Time : 5,687 Seconds


**Please Do Not Edit or Use Any of the Files Included Here In. They are All Property of Either EA/2015 or Myself. Thanks**

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